Defensive Driving Lessons Nottingham

Defensive Driving lessons with advanced driving instructors Nottingham to help you keep safe

What is a Defensive driving lessons?

Defensive driving definition is advanced over the normal driving practice in that a defensive driver uses key observational skills to anticipate potential hazards and prepares for such circumstances in advance. Defensive driving also utilises key skills to increase fuel economy, vehicle wear and time.

A complete course for driving lessons in Nottingham and for those who jobs involve consistent driving or anyone who wishes to advance their driving skills and learn in Nottingham how to save on fuel and be a eco safe driver. This course can be taken with one of our driving instructors in Nottingham car or your own car providing it has proper insurance, road tax and a valid MOT certificate and you hold the appropriate driving licence. This course can be started wherever you like and finish where it is convenient to the driving instructor depending on whos car is used for the Defensive driving course Nottingham. More information on this course is provided by your local driving instructor in Nottingham

Defensive driving schools Nottingham

Defensive driving schools Nottingham we look at some of the following:

  • Motorways
  • Safe Overtaking
  • Single and dual carriageway
  • Town Driving
  • City Centre Driving
  • Forward Planning and Thinking
  • Attitude to RISK

The course is delivered in a relaxed coaching method, unlike the old driving test style where its all TELL TELL! you will be coached to make safer driving calls and be shown how to drive in a eco safe way!

These Defensive driving courses help you to be more Speed aware, forward plan which reduces the chances of you getting any penalty points on your driving licences its expensive when you have a car and no one would like extra cost in FINES! We get many advanced drivers who come to brush up on their driving skills and always learn before leaving us, not long ago we had a very good driver until one of the driving instructors took him on Maid Marian way in Nottingham City Centre and he was oblivious to BUS LANES, which he was never taught by his old driving school and now he knows when they are in operation and when he can USE THEM!!

Driving lessons Nottingham

Defensive Driving Skills Explained