Lesson Prices

Lesson Prices – Nottingham

Lesson prices our Driving lesson prices represent exceptional value for money and reflect our dedication to you. And as a relationship built on trust and understanding, the prices you see are the prices you’ll pay – there’ll be no little hidden extras. Better still, once you have started weekly standard lessons with us, we guarantee not to increase YOUR lesson prices EVER!

Lesson prices. Our driving school offer the best driving lesson price compared to many other driving schools in Nottingham and Derby. You might see prices as cheap as chips, thats possible but the time and effort it can take for you to pass could take twice longer, which means in the long run especially if you dont pass first time you could be paying a fortune for driving lessons than you really need too,

Why we mention this here is, WE GET MANY LEARNER DRIVERS FROM DIFFRENT DRIVING SCHOOLS who learn this by bad experience with other driving schools and instructors, we just want you to avoid this and chose us now rather than later.

Lesson prices

Lesson prices

These prices are for Nottingham area

Hourly Rates for lessons

1 hour driving lesson – £28

1 hour 30 min driving lesson – £42

2 hours driving lessons – £56

Block booking driving lessons Nottingham

Block of 5 driving lessons – £140

Block book 10 hours of driving lessons £265 (BEST VALUE FOR MONEY)

Block of 20 hours of driving lessons £560

Weekend driving lessons – Same rate as above

Evening driving lessons – Same rate as above

Refresher driving lessons

Block of 5 – £150

Block of 10 – £280

Driving lessons Offers:

Block book 10 Driving lessons for £265

Block lesson must be 2 hour lesson and to be completed within 6 weeks perioud.

Take as MANY as lessons as you need until you PASS £950  – t&c apply

Short notice driving test of less than 4 weeks.

Use of car for driving test and 2 driving lessons

£185 -One Hundred and Fifty Pounds

Payment must be paid by before lessons are booked for short notice tests.

No refunds given

If your looking to pass fast and take a weeks driving course or a driving course spread over 2-3 weeks then check out our driving course page

*This does not include test fees and is subject to a driving assessment.

  • Any block bookings taken must be completed within a 6 weeks period of booking, any lessons not taken before the expiry date will be void
  • All bookings are final, unless discussed with the driving instructor no refunds will be issused
  • our driving school runs on a strict 48 hour cancellation policy
  • Pupil should not already have a test booked in the next 6 weeks before taking up any discount/ offers on driving lessons and should tell their driving instructor up front
  • Any driving lesson thats needs to be rearranged, you need to give your driving instructor a 48 hour notice or risk loosing the lesson paid for
  • Any lessons cancelled late will need to be paid for in full
  • the driving instructor shall too give learner drivers a 48 hour notice
  • for unseen circumstances i.e the weather or car breaking down cannot be a fault of the driving instructor, in this case the driving instructor shall let the pupil know as soon as possible
  • any driving courses booked require a deposit before hand (as stated on the driving courses page) and is non refundable
  • the driving courses shall be completed in the set perioud of time
  • any hours remaining of the driving course which is not the driving instructos fault shall be forfieted and you will loose the remaining hours and money paid for
  • all courses and prices are estimates, more hours may be required
  • in the unlikely event if your not happy with the service you receive you may contact the office and discuss your concerns, you would not need to talk to your driving instructor
  • any refunds will deduct 10% admin and credit fees