Motorway Driving Lessons Nottingham

Motorway driving lessons

Motorway driving lessons in Nottingham with an elite driving instructor in Nottingham

Learn to drive on the Motorway the safe way with an local driving instructor in Nottingham and know everything there is to be learnt on use of motorways.

Our motorway driving lessons includes

  • Speed limits
  • Planning journeys
  • Awareness
  • Observations
  • Use of Signals
  • Slip roads
  • In case of emergencies how to act
  • Use of Lanes and Overtaking
  • Driving While Tired
  • Know what to do if car brakes down¬†
  • and much more!

motorway driving lessons nottingham

We offer a 2 hour driving course on Motorways or a 3 hour course which ever you think will suit you better, More hours can be done over a couple of days if you wish too. Our Nottingham driving school with local Nottingham driving instructors of a safe, friendly and relaxed training environment.

Non Full licence holders on the motorway

With the recent law changes, A provisional licence holder can now go on the Motorway under the instructor of their driving instructor (note: Cannot be with a non driving instructor) and our driving instructors have taken a few learner drivers on the Motorway when the learner driver and the instructor have both felt the learner driver is ready and our Nottingham driving instructors have received great feedback for the confidence it has given our learner drivers with most passing their practical driving test on their first attempt!

Driving lessons Nottingham

Gov highway code on motorways