Extended driving test

Are you required to take an extended driving test? Not to worry with the help of our driving instructors in Nottingham we can help you regain your driving licence

If you have been disqualified from driving after taking driving lessons in Nottingham or after taking your learner driving test you might get ordered to take an extended driving test which is more advanced than the normal learner practical driving test. This usually lasts 70 minutes which includes driving on various roads and conditions and doing all the driving manoeuvres

If it has been a while since you drove then there might be few bad driving habits to work on, our driving instructors in Nottingham can help you brush up on your driving skills and help you feel confident in taking the extended practical driving test and ultimately regaining your driving licence!

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Advanced driving instructor in Nottingham for your driving lessons

our driving instructor in Nottingham will tailor driving lessons to help you quickly build on your driving skills and recap all the manoeuvres you will be asked to do on your driving test, these will need effective all around observations and accurate. As the driving test is a lot longer than the usual driving test, more concentration is required. You will also be asked to drive for some time independently without any verbal prompts by the driving examiner.

Our driving instructors in Nottingham will give you clear information on what is required from you and give full guidance on regaining your driving licence back in Nottingham

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